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Casa Verdi is a coliving space in Sicily. We try to be more than just that by enhancing a more sustainable way of travelling through meeting and engaging with locals and digital nomads. We would love to make it possible for those who choose our region to seed their project to find a lively space where they can meet inspiring people and confront their thoughts with like minded individuals. 


We also try to live the house as a setting for an emergent interior life. 


Project description:

We try to approach our business like a family, influenced by the Italian culture for family driven enterprises and fusing it with elements of the co-living movement. We are convinced that the application of these ideas in different fields of economics could lead to simplifying processes and provide a new and improved work-life balance.



February, 2020 - March 2020

April, 2020 - May 2020

June, 2020 -  July 2020

August, 2020 - September, 2020


Place: Сatania, Sicily (Сasa Verdi)


We would love to have your help for the following in-house tasks:

  • Housekeeping ( keeping the space clean + caring about plants + making beds)

  • Preparing rooms before check in

  • Check in and check-out of new guests

  • Get new guests on board community

  • Be available for any questions from guests

  • Collect feedback and reviews from guests

  • Help with events in Casa Verdi for the local community in Catania 

  • Collect material for social media 

  • Promote social eating


Being skilled with social media, non formal education or being able to network with local trainers, new partners, facilitators, etc. would be much appreciated 

Required competences for potential volunteers


  • Being interested in hospitality 

  • Communicative  level of English is required. Basic Italian would allow you to feel more comfortable. French/Russian would be a plus.

  • An expertise/interest in one of the goals of our project

  • Being communicative and open minded, flexible and creative; maybe a little crazy so as to create and contribute to the project with your energy

  • Be interested  in learning from others and exchanging your skills 

  • Be ready to realize your ideas and your personal development



Reimbursement: volunteering 

What do we offer?

  • Accommodation in a shared room at our Coliving space 

  • Mentor who will support in daily life and help with emotional part

  • Tutor who will help with daily tasks

  • Possibility to learn about our interpretation of hospitality

  • Possibility to participate in meaningful events

  • Possibility to create your own project and participate in activities with our partners 

  • Possibility to have non-formal education 

  • Live a transcultural environment

  • Final party with reflection and feedback.


What we cannot cover

  • Visa assistance

  • Transport expenses

  • Food 


If you are interested in being a part of our community please write your motivation letter with some answers: 

  1. Have you ever participated in any volunteering  programme or do you have experience with coliving? 

  2. List any knowledge or skills you can share during your experience. 

  3. What makes you angry? What is the ritual that helps you calm down? 

  4. List any knowledge or skills that you hope to gain during your experience. 


Don´t forget to include your social media links! :) 


send your application to: 


If you have any questions contact us at or FB.


Are you still thinking to try or not? We have a lot of feedback and reviews and we are waiting for you. Sicily is a place full of different people and it is a great opportunity to test your skills.

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