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Try to slow down during your travelling if you have the time.


People love to complain about touristic attractions as they are often overcrowded and not always easily accessible. Touristification can be a problem to those cities that open their doors to travellers. Gentrification and exploitation of the environment are the main consequences that the tourism industry should solve to become sustainable. 


Slowing down our travels translates to a more organic and diversified way to experience a region. It allows to connect with the local community, go to events and meet ups, ask questions to locals. While travelling slow you will find that plenty of people are happy to share time with you and show you around.


Couchsurfing, free walking tours and local associations are examples on how travellers can find sustainable solutions to dig into the local culture. There are many activities you can get involved in; from hiking up the Volcano, to visiting the beautiful small villages where time seems to slow down.


Local associations offer activities such as water sports, courses in Italian cuisine or Italian language, excursions, social eating events, folkloristic dance classes etc..

Our recommendation is to try to have an impact on people and not on the environment.  

If you really want to experience the local culture and  community, Casa Verdi is the place to be. We choose Catania as our home, engaging with social projects, organizing events and gatherings. 


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