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We try to approach our business like a family, influenced by the Italian culture for family driven enterprises and fusing it with elements of the co-living movement. We are convinced that the application of these ideas in different fields of economics could lead to simplifying processes and provide a new and improved work-life balance.

For Residents and travelers alike Casa Verdi offers a lifestyle that embraces participation and sharing of fundamental values as this allows a higher and more genuine value to be  spontaneously created for all.

This perspective aims to hybrid gift economy & traditional economy.

We feel that the latter is merely an excuse to allow the former to trigger the unlimited value potential that results from meaningful human relations & interactions.  

The Transculturality

Our concept of Transculturality comes from an unfixed, everchanging and dynamic reality that may appear chaotic at a superficial glance. To us, Transculturality means simply sharing Human values, in a constant process of expanding our collective awareness. It also implies no stereotypes or prejudicial thinking so that spontaneous expression can manifest our individuality while we develop our inner self and our external environment.

To this end we love to mingle with people from different cultures.

Travelers seem to be subconsciously conscious of Transculturality as they have already acquired experience of this mixing of known and unknown, familiar and foreign. While travelling we tend to be in the most open mindset to share experiences, values and ideas with each other. Experiencing  different countries/cultures has the effect of clearing up our role as representatives of a certain determined culture.

This can help to rediscover a certain joy in Being Together.


We therefore feel that travelling can trigger positive changes in our society. It could widen our point of view on life and social dynamics and teach us to "contaminate" each other with ideas and emotions; probably the most enriching experience we can possibly have with each other.

The Vision

We believe that community living and Transculturality carry with them a crucial moment of transformation; a transition to a new economic thinking based on respect for the environment and driven by healthy human relations.

Co-housing, in particular, is our way to incorporate such a vision. Different objectives and philosophies merging together in a space allow us to experiment many different ways of connecting with others and approaching ourselves. 

Casa Verdi therefore aims to attract those global-citizens and free thinkers who need a lively yet peaceful environment where they can confront and put into practice their ideas with the goal of positively impacting both local and transnational communities.


Casa Verdi dreams to become a social hub for this new ecosystem to flourish in Sicily.

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