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Dorms & Rooms

Bright, big and comfortable the rooms on the main floor are decorated with wonderful antique flooring, typical high vaulted ceilings and are equipped with both air conditioning and heating. Each room has a sunny balcony.

The building was built at the beginning of the ´900, the terrace is a beautiful and peaceful common space. Other common areas are the hall, the three bathrooms, the main room and the mezzanine when not used for co-working.


A sustainable course of action must respect the following criteria:

  • To benefit society.

  • To protect and respect the environment.

  • To be economically viable in consideration of future generations.


We believe that one way of being sustainable while travelling is skipping touristic experiences that often exploit of the environment with no thought of future generations.


By connecting with locals, participating in the life of the region, offering help and participation to ongoing social projects, we become active part of the culture capable of absorbing and at the same time adding to real life experiences. 

We want to do our part to make this possible.

 To "Go Verdi" during your residency means to adhere to these values and live by the Casa Verdi vision. You will get a discount on your stay that is proportional to your contribution:

  • giving new guests information about the house (at least 3 night stay)

  • Make beds for new guests and welcome them (at least 7 night stay)

  • Organize social eating events 

  • Organize events in which you share your experience/knowledge with travelers, residents and locals

  • Foster cooperation with local or international realities.

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