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Community Living

The Casa Verdi Family mission is to foster: - Sustainability - Arts - Alternative Ecnomy - Transculturality - Social Entrepreneurship - Innovation - Community living.

We believe the best way to Work and Create Value for others is as a Peer Productive Community with horizontal operative organization. To be a community means to experience the Commons, to be Collaborative, Generous and Kind with each other, Transparent and Straight, to be animated by similar Values and Share Objectives.

The Casa Verdi Community is everchanging, people can join anytime there is space basically. What is required is for them to share part or all of our mission. We need people with their mind into travelling, able to share their art through Talk, Cook, Exploring the cultural scene of Catania, Experiencing Nature and Walkings, Organizing in-house Events.

In general we love artists and social entepreneurs which with their creativity and interpretation of reality help other people to be re-connected with their well-being.

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