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Not a Hostel

Aggiornamento: 2 gen 2019

Casa Verdi is not a Hostel: a professionally managed house for community based tourism.

A transcultural community of travellers run the project with the idea of keeping it as much open, transparent and ecological as possible. The application of some of the principles of permaculture in business give us the opportunity to interconnect individual and collective needs, to find and easy way to meet hospitality standards and of to engage peacefully work-life balance.

The environment is set to be creative and inspiring. It is balanced and relaxed. Designed to welcome Globetrotters, Artists, Remote Workers, Backpackers, and Entrepreneurs which can live, cook, eat, talk, work, exchange ideas, have fun and relax. It is easily possible to engage with the project. Guests can participate either through the accomplishment of some of the routinely tasks or by enriching the Casa Verdi Wiki: a gather of knowledge and best practices which aims to push the project forwards.

An auxiliary objective is for the travellers, the hosts and the local community to have a maintained space for connection where to confront ideas and projects. Unlike profit oriented touristic enterprises, Casa Verdi wants primarily to be an attractor for those travellers who engage the journey as a learning process, those who are willing to slow down and engage with local projects, those with an appreciation for sustainability, alternative economy and ecology. Informal interactions, events for networking, and labs are organized so to fit the social and cultural life of the city.

The House concept of Platform

The development of Taylor´s ideas (1880) about science applied to industrial organizations made possible to realise how crucial management was for the life of an enterprise. A new consciousness slowly raised in entrepreneurs: the importance of relationships within teams and the well being of each individual. McGregor eventually enounced it (1960) in his X and Y theory.

Until now, the lack of business models fitting human needs prevented us to enhance all this. Work and Life are still somehow in our mind two very different matters, to be approached with two different mindsets. Yet, today such thing is not the case any more. The goal, for each one of us, can really be to find the Activity we like, for the Time we want and in the Fashion we have the inclination for.

We are now, for the first time since neoclassical economics, considering the possibility to actually reduce our production in terms of quantity (economic growth) and focus better on quality (environmental and social growth). Meeting ecological needs and conducing healthy life, especially in the working sphere, is playing an extraordinary role for our gratification, recreation, and personal growth.

The divulgation of ecological economics principles is requisite for new community living to spring. The informative tool of the digital era is the real value of collaborative virtual spaces opening in many ways streams of interest amid peers without limit of range and time. We would like today to see more of these achievements of humankind to be applied in everyday life and especially we want to see it spreading in businesses.

We have, with Casa Verdi, the possibility to experiment and start processes, to enjoy a life at a very little capital risks, to learn and experience at no cost. We surely believe is an extraordinary time, full of paradoxes but also full of paramount changes.

Taking for granted we are already aware (sometimes unconsciously) we are all part of a constant revolution to be accomplished, the individual at Casa Verdi is asked to understand the relevance of engagement and participation as designated tool to trigger virtuous spirals of interactions and the creation of extra value.

The resulting idea of space is the one of platforms. Inputs to it generate constant feedbacks, quantity generates quality, and adjustments translates in an organic and constant movement tempered by just few simple rules and randomness.

Actors and Authors

The lack of transparency in community life makes us lazy and unable to learn. What we want here is instead for people to take the chance to be author or actor of a story.


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